Favorite Fitness Apps

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Happy Sunday! Hope your first week of 2018 is starting off well. My first fitness post of the year is my favorite fitness apps. I use all of these apps on a regular basis, and have found them to be very useful.

What I love about all of these fitness apps, is you can access any of these resources anytime, anywhere straight from your smart phone.

Favorite Fitness Apps


App: Nike Training Club (free)

Nike Training App

What it does: Short story, this app is LIFE. They have a 100+ workouts with instructional audio and video clips showing the correct way to do the movement.

Some of my personal favorite exercises on the app are the “Glutes and Legs” found under the muscle group category, or “Endurance” under the workout type category.

Due to my core and lower back being weak lately, I have been doing a lot the core work and the videos are great! The workout below “super twist core series” is fantastic and killer! Here is an example of what the screen looks like once you’re in it:

Nike Training Club

What I love about Nike Training Club:  (I mean Im obsessed with this app)

  • Its absolutely fantastic if you don’t want to be overwhelmed with how or what to do for a workout
  • If you want a quick 20 minute workout at home, or at the gym
  • If you would like some ideas and guidance (has a huge vartiety of workouts)
  • The app syncs with Nike+ Run Club to keep track of your runs; you can also manually enter activities such as basketball, gym training, or tennis
  • Once you’re finished it will log your workout and you can even snap a photo and add a Nike filter over it 🙂

Nike Training Club

Similar Apps to Nike Training Club: Sworkit, Jefit, Fitbit Coach, Johnson & Johnson Official 7 Minute Workout App, Keelo

Download on IOS App Store: Here

Download in Google Play: Here

App: MyFitnessPal (free + premium option)


What it does: Its an app that helps you keep track your meals (overall calories and macros) + physical activity. They have over 5 millions meals in their database!

Cost: Free Version- does the basics and enough tracking. They also have a premium version at $10 a month

What I love about MyFitnessPal:

  • Helps keep you accountable for what you’re eating or not eating. It will suggest a profile of macronutrients you should try to get everyday based on your goals (x amount of protein, x carbs, x fat)
  • Its super easy to use, and you can almost find every food  (you can even scan barcodes on boxes of food and the nutritional information will come up!)
  • Helps keep you accountable for what you’re eating
  • You can opt in for their email and will receive recipe ideas!
  • There is a community section to find motivation, support, workouts and even join specific groups

Download in IOS App Store: Here

Download in Google Play: Here

App: Fit Radio (Free Trial then $2.99 a m/o)

Fit Radio App

What it does: Music streaming that is LIT!  Like you just want to stop what you’re doing and start dancing (ok, maybe just me… but you get it)

Cost: Free Trial, then it is $2.99 a month. There is also lifetime option for a one-time fee of $60.

What I love about Fit Radio: 

  • Great options and high energy music that makes you want to move!
  • Variety of music from all genres
  • Option to pick a playlist from the activity you’re doing if be Outdoor Runnning, Treadmill, Elliptical, Bike, Walk/Jog, HIIT
  • Option to pick your music to match your running. Match it by your pace so your foot hits the pavement on the beat…. Like WHAT??

Similar Apps to Fit Radio: Sound Cloud, Pandora, Spotify, Apple Music

Download on IOS App Store: Here

Download in Google Play: Here


App: FitStar Yoga (1 Free per week or $7.99 a m/o)

FitStar Yoga

What it does: Whether you’re new to yoga or an expert yogi, FitStar Yoga has a variety of yoga videos that range from a quick 10 minute to one hour. 

At the free level option, you get one 20-minute personalized yoga session per week, plus access to one Freestyle session of your choice.

At the Premium level, you get unlimited access to everything and can also  customize your sessions by changing the duration and intensity to fit your schedule and needs.

Cost: $7.99 a month or yearly subscription is $39.99

What I love about FitStar Yoga:  

  • Even at the free option, you still are able to get one good workout and focus on popular themes like hips, core, balance, and bed.
  • Choose duration and intensity of each session
  • Ability to create a personalized sessions or they have great options of pre-existing routines.

Similar Apps to Fitstar Yoga: Yoga Studio, Pocket Yoga

Download on IOS App Store: Here

Not  yet available for Android


Even if you’re new into your wellness journey or are a veteran pro, each of these fitness apps is useful.

Do you have an app that is not listed but you highly recommend? Email me, and I will try it out and add it to this list!

xo- M



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  1. January 15, 2018 / 12:40 pm

    My Fitness Pal is my favorite! All great choices!

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