1 Week in Italy Guide (Rome- Venice- Florence)

Italy in 1 Week by Train

If Italy is not on your bucket list of vacation spots, put it on there! There is something for everyone: from coastal land to mountainous terrains, history to lots of wine, and I mean… pizza to gelato!

This post is a summary for how to travel/ schedule 3 Italian cities in 1 week + Italy Travel Tips.

I will also do a breakdown of each city in other posts; make sure to check them out!


We departed Friday May 19th to Sunday May 28th.

We did  1 day in Rome- 2 in Venice- 3 in Florence- 2 in Rome again.

To get to each city we opted to take the train.

Italy Train Options

Option 1: The Eurail. I was initially confused on the difference between Eurail vs. Interrail.   Eurail is for non-European citizens, whereas Interrail is for Europeans only.

Option 2: Purchase individual tickets with a major Italian train company such as ItaliaRail, Trenitalia (Frecciarossa train)…

I initially was going to purchase a Eurail pass but after comparing prices for the 3 cities we were going to, buying individual tickets with  ItaliaRail  was most cost effective. Definitely play with the all options to see which yield the best savings.

Total cost of Italia Rail: $136.82     vs.    Total Cost of Eurail Pass $220.00

(The sooner you purchase the tickets, the cheaper it will be. At the $136.82 cost, I purchased the tickets two weeks prior, but it was a few bucks cheaper when I had checked in the past.)

Full Itinerary with Train prices:

As mentioned above, we did 1 day in Rome- 2 in Venice- 3 in Florence- then 2 days back in Rome. 


Map of Italy by Train

Day 1 Saturday Arrive in Rome 9:15 AM
Day 2 Sunday Roma Termini to Venezia San Lucia  (Train cost $56.66) Train Departs Rome @ 7:50 AM— Arrive in Venice @ 11:35 AM
Day 3 Monday Spend all Day in Venice
Day 4 Tuesday Venezia San Lucia to Firenze Santa Maria Novella (Train cost $40.66) Train Departs Venice @ 7:25 AM— Arrive in Florence @ 9:30 AM
Day 5 Wednesday Spend all Day in Florence
Day 6 Thurday Spend all Day in Florence
Day 7 Friday Firenze Santa Maria Novella to Roma Termini (Train cost $39.5o) Train Departs Florence  @ 7:38 AM— Arrive in Rome @ 9:10 AM
Day 8 Saturday Spend all Day in Rome
Day 9 Sunday Depart from Rome to USA




  • For the train tickets you can print the passes, but if you save all within an email, all they need is the confirmation number.
  • Plan accordingly and be at the train station on time. Every train we took left right when it was supposed to.


  •  The best exchange rate and place to get euros is your bank.  I bank with Chase and since they are not an international bank they have to "order" euros which takes a few days to get in… if you go with this route, do it a week prior to departing.
  • Make sure you have plenty of Euro's or have the ability to withdraw from an ATM.
  • Once you're in Italy, avoid exchanging money at the airport or busy tourist areas as they have the highest exchange rate. The best option is withdrawing from an ATM.
  • If you HAVE to exchange money with any currency exchange office you must show your passport. I carried a copy of mine (but not sure if that works everywhere??)
  • This is an inside joke with my girlfriends, but FYI Discover card does not work in Italy.  No one takes it!  Take a Visa, MasterCard,or Amex.


  • According to my pedometer, we walked anywhere between 8 to 10 miles most days. Pack comfy shoes with good support!
  • Depending on the time of year, especially in the summer, its very hot! Wear breathable clothes (cotton, rayon, linen…). I packed lots of dresses, as they were light and easy to pack.
  • When visiting churches in Italy, be mindful of what you wear as dress code is enforced. For example, if you visit the Vatican in Rome or St. Mark in Venice, your knees and shoulders need to be covered.


  • Water and bread are almost never complimentary.
  • Italians generally eat late. Stop for lunch at around 1-ish and dinner after 8.
  • Tipping is not customary. Most restaurants have a cover charge/ have it added to the bill.

Basic Italian Words: 

  • Hello- Buongiorno
  • Goodbye- Arrivederci
  • Please- Per favore
  • Thank you- Grazie


Are you planning on going and have more questions!? Feel free to email me at wavesofm@gmail.com






  1. July 31, 2017 / 5:37 pm

    OMG! How fun. I’ve never been to Europe and it’s definitely on my bucket list. thank you for sharing.

    and of course. CONGRATULATIONS on your new blog.

    • Waves of M
      July 31, 2017 / 5:43 pm

      You will have to go!! and THANKS SO MUCH!!!

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