Little Black Dresses

In my first Dressing Room Diaries, I am sharing these 4 little black dresses. I ended up purchasing 2 out of the 4 dresses since I could not decide.

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Dress 1: This Satin pieces is one is my absolute favorites. When I posted a vote on Insta, this one won by far!Satin Midi Dress

Dress 2: This Dress has a Crochet Mock-Neck which adds so much character on its own that you don’t neck to accersorize. You can take this look from day to night. Crochet Neckline Little Black Dress

Dress 3: When I searched online prior to going in, I thought this was the one I was going to go with. I absolutely loved all the lace and bow details, but was just a tad too short for me to feel comfortable dancing in (I’m 5’8).  I would recommend this dress to anyone under 5’7 or wearing tights.

Little Black Dress with Bow

Dress 4:  This Velvet Cut-Out Shift Dress has all the 90s feel with a choker neckline. Similar to the above, loved this dress but just a tad too short.

Velvet Little Black Dress



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